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Pintail Landfill Trial Verdict: Jury Rules Waller County Violated Texas Open Meetings Law

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Pintail Landfill Trial Verdict: Jury Rules Waller County Violated Texas Open Meetings Law

Tobi Kosanke
Hempstead, TX
Dec 21, 2014 — We just won an important battle in the war against the landfill in Hempstead. When you read the article from Houston Public Media, below, you will see why the war continues: the company plans to build the landfill, regardless of the verdict.

A verdict in a trial seeking to stop a new landfill in Waller County is not the end of the case. It’s up to the judge to deliver a final ruling. The plan is for the dump to be filled mostly with trash from greater Houston.

By: Florian Martin, December 18th, 2014 08:56 PM

A jury Thursday deliberated for about two hours before finding Waller County commissioners violated the Texas Open Meetings Act when they discussed the controversial landfill without including the public.

The lawsuit filed by the city of Hempstead against Waller County came after the county passed an ordinance that enables a landfill to be built outside the town, which is about 50 miles northwest of Houston. Many residents oppose the project, fearing the development will harm the environment.

Attorney Corey Ouslander represents the city in this case.

The Waller County Courthouse

“Now those actions can be voided by the judge because those are illegal actions that ended up with a public vote regarding the ordinance and the host agreement,” Ouslander said.

Judge Terry Flenniken is set to issue a final ruling on January 21, 2015.

Brent Ryan is an attorney for Pintail Landfill, the company, that plans to build the dump and which is also a defendant in the lawsuit.

He said regardless of the outcome, the company plans to build the landfill, which is awaiting a permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.


It's not really are under surveillance.

Waller County crooks want to make one more stab at the citizens before they sneek out the back door of the courthouse.


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FYI: The court's ruling in our favor on Thursday is a major victory and stepping stone toward stopping Pintail Landfill!! But just to clarify, the jury ruled on matters of fact pertaining to the actions of the members of the Waller County Commissioners Court - now it is for the Judge to rule on matters concerning the interpretation of law. So on January 21, 2015, Judge Terry Flenniken will rule on issues related to whether or not the County acted properly in passing an ordinance amendment that makes the only location in the County where a Municipal Solid Waste landfill is not prohibited a single site at which a large portion is within the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City of Hempstead. Also to be decided on that date is whether or not the Agendas of the Commissioners Court meetings complied with proper notice requirements of the intentions of the County. The final ruling by the Judge could ultimately invalidate the 2013 amendment to the original 2011 ordinance that prohibited a landfill at the proposed site, as well as the Host Agreement.
The final outcome of this trial, by itself, will not stop the landfill, but it sends a powerful message to the State of Texas and the TCEQ. We will still have to battle the TCEQ over whether the original 2011 ordinance was/is valid at prohibiting the Pintail Landfill. And, we also have the Contested Case Hearing in June over the merits of the application itself and the suitability of the site on technical aspects. So again, there is still more to be done but Thursdays's verdict in our favor has things moving in the right direction!!