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Land murder cover up

Need to open up the murder of William "Bill" Land that happen back in 89. I 
know Lisa Remier to the wrap but I am sure that you will see Montey 
Marshall jr killed him. What would I do with a dealship..


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South Waller County News


Ashley, have you ever wondered why both of your parents are alcoholics?

Terry Love Gunter burned her arm lighting a beer bong.

Pic-a-pal grand jury system allowed this maggot to be a grand juror.

WISD inbred social club is scheduled for September. Sheffield will need to explain to taxpayers why he was fired for stealing.

Jason Lance Wade's sister and brother-in-law. Dluhy is a thief out of Rosenberg.

One of Treichel's drugged up slave laborers.

Junk yard dawgs.

Glenn,  Robyn Marie German will talk. They always do. I'm meeting with her next week.

Uses Clark Road north to get to Mitcham group on Carlton Speed Ranch. He will be making a delivery in the morning.

Hello Sandy Buller and Jimmy Sanders, it's been done already. You boys are no different than a six felon real estate broker/notary, KKK Grand Dragon, in Charlotte, NC., sleeper cell terrorist that spent four years in a German mental institution and Fields Store Drug Cartel that pushed $200-250M a year in drugs/bootleg liquor/illegal aliens throughout Texas.

Stan, it's like Herpes. It NEVER really goes away.

The Kitzman Klan wanted war. They will get it again in 2016.

I saw Bandido Loser trainee today. He  ran like a coward when saw full auto M-4 with grenade belt.

Sandy, your friend died from Polonium-210 exposure.

Sandy, the landfill is going to happen on Buller Road. There is not anything, anyone can do to stop it.