Hemphill, Texas white supremacist, Nathan Ener is going to need more than a sling shot. - Anonymous

Greetings Nathan: Ashley likes her coffee black. No cream. No sugar.

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Nathan Ener has ties to the KKK and is a retired TDC officer.
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Meet Detective Raymond Mott of the Lake Arthur Louisiana Police Department

Waller County Sheriff Royce Glenn Smith has about 1,450 sheeple people in his network. Our group has approx. 315 million. - Anonymous

Waller County Sheriff's Office
August 12 at 8:34pm · Edited ·
On this date, Dewayne Charleston, entered the front lobby of the Waller County Sheriff's Office, and began shouting and became disruptive. The lobby area is a secured area. Additionally this area is marked with numerous signs restricting the area for Waller County Sheriff's Office official business.
Charleston was warned by a peace officer that his actions were disrupting a 911 communications Center and disrupting dispatch personnel from taking routine calls from citizens. Charleston stated he did not need police services or did not need to file any type of routine complaint.
A peace officer then warned him again to depart the property for the second time. Charleston then departed the lobby and stood in an area outside the Sheriff's Office, inside a restricted area where multiple signs were openly displayed restricting the area from protestors.
Charleston then proceeded to the flag outside the Sheriff's Office and pulled the American and Texas flag to half staff. Deputies went to the flag pole and raised the flag, while standing guard at the front lobby. Charleston confronted a deputy guarding the flag and attempted to get past the deputy.
Charleston then walked past the deputies and went back into the lobby where he had previously warned to stay away from.
Charleston continued to scream in the lobby and was again told to leave. Charleston then laid down on the ground inside the lobby. Charleston was asked to leave the restricted area numerous time, but insisted he be arrested and refused to leave the property. Charleston stated, "you can tell me fifty time to leave, I am not leaving". Charleston was then told by deputies they just wanted him to depart and they didn't want to arrest him.
Charleston was told the final time to leave the property, he again failed to depart, then was arrested for Criminal Trespass.
Charleston's bond was set at 500.00 dollars.
Sheriff Glenn Smith would like to thank our brothers and sisters from Harris County Sheriff's Office and Texas Department of Public Safety for assisting our local law enforcement agencies today.