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Trey Duhon - Waller County Judge
Just following up to yesterday's post. Per Rosemary Gambino's request, the link below is a video of the exchange between Don Garrett and Stan Kitzman that led to Don Garrett's resignation.

Also attached is Don Garrett's resignation letter as a result of this exchange, in which he clearly states that his resignation is "due to the behavior of one individual board member at yesterday's meeting on August 15th." Garrett further stated, "I will not associate myself with such unprofessional behavior under any circumstance nor should anyone else be subject to such abuse."

But yesterday Mr. Garrett encouraged Commissioner's Court to keep Stan Kitzman on the Waller County Sub-Regional Planning Commission....

Please keep in mind all of the foregoing occurred before I became President of the WCSRPC....

It's time to raise the bar.

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Trey Duhon - Waller County Judge

Jimmy - there are some things in your post that are disconcerting. First - when did Stan become a spokesperson for the commission? Last time I checked, he was 1 member out of 9 voting members, and he was not the president or the parliamentarian (of which there is none).

Second, I would imagine that any member of the Commission should have the right to express themselves without being called names by another commission member publicly as Stan did. There is no excuse for name calling no matter the circumstances. Stan could have reminded Don of the rules and maintained an expected level of decorum. As a citizen representative and representative of Citizens for a Better Waller County... Don Garrett should not have been verbally attacked.

As for context, if the video depicts something out of context, Don's resignation letter indicates otherwise.... Don resigned for precisely what happened in that video. So people should decide for themselves.

And for the record, anyone who wants to view the full video of the meeting, I would be happy to provide them a DVD of the full meeting. There is nothing in the video that excuses name calling in a public meeting.
3 · Feb 1, 2014

Trey Duhon - Waller County Judge

Rosemary - it shouldn't have to take a petition... I would think in the interest of transparency that Commissioners Court would just make that happen. A video camera and Youtube is all it takes... I'm sure alot of folks that can not make a 9 a.m. Wednesday Commissioners Court meeting would appreciate it. I promise you if elected that's one of the first things I will work on
3 · Jan 30, 2014

Trey Duhon - Waller County Judge

Mark - I have a county-wide campaign to run and if I spend all of my time dignifying every negative comment Don has made, then I really think you could question my leadership... The original post speaks for itself. Don is a Kitzman supporter (as are you based on your Facebook page). Many of the things contained in his post are not true or are extremely biased. I will leave it at that. My last post was clear. Again, I will leave it up to WALLER COUNTY voters to decide....
1 · Feb 2, 2014

Trey Duhon - Waller County Judge

Don - I am absolutely leaving your post up. I think people can figure this out for themselves. I of course vigorously dispute many many of the things you have said, including the "digging up dirt" comment which is a lie. I requested all of your WCSRPC files. I called you seeking them. Your letter was sent to all of the board members. It was not a secret. I am undoubtedly disappointed in the decisions you have made considering how long and how hard we fought the TTC, and the way you were treated during the TXDOT coordination meeting (as reflected in YOUR letter). But we each have to lie in the bed we have made.

You talk about dividing the county - this has been going on LONG time. I will let the voters decide who has the best interest of the county AS A WHOLE at heart. Actions always speak louder than words.

Despite my disagreements with Stanley and his record, sharing this public information about his prior actions was not meant to be a personal attack, but rather an example of his leadership style. The letter and video speak for themselves. I would encourage all of my supporters to refrain from using juvenile attacks and hostile words. This forum is open to the public and personal attacks on anyone hurt not only that person, but also their family and friends. This campaign is moving forward to a better Waller County for all. Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday.
1 · Feb 2, 2014

Trey Duhon - Waller County Judge

I will make sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak and express themselves, without the fear of being labeled or called names, and I will make sure to remind the entire board to be respectful of other members.

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" Patrick Henry
1 · Feb 1, 2014

Mary Ann Drawl

They stream court meetings all over the country. Why do we not do it here? Because we have criminals running the government. They want no evidence. Time to clean house.
6 · Jan 30, 2014

Brenda Garrett

Don Garrett here ------ Congratulations Trey! You have succeeded in further alienating the board members of the Waller County Sub-Regional Planning commission. And what is worse is that you posted a challenge on Facebook after my presentation to the Waller County Commissioners Court, “I wonder if Don Garrett is going to be there to encourage the BOD to stay the same for the sake of continuity???” For the record, let me repeat to you, your supporters, and the rest of Waller County what I said this week in Commissioners Court and I quote, “It is my sincere belief that the WCS-RPC would best serve the county by retaining its existing board of directors until after the general election and transition of elected officials in January 2015. During the interim the elections of officers to the WCS-RPC is an internal matter and should be left to the discretion of its board of directors.” You and your followers posted the video of the Coordination meeting with TxDOT and my resulting resignation letter in addition to several posts that call my character into question. And now you expect me to show up Monday to defend your actions? Unlike some people, I stand by my word – I do encourage the BOD to stay the same for the time being. But make no mistake; it is because it is the right thing for the organization, not any one individual. Is this how you plan to bring the south and the north end of the county together? By proxy you just demonstrated how you plan to lead this county: divide and conquer. You choose to report only what you want people to hear and not the full truth. Sounds like the same rhetoric we are getting from Washington. Talk about a total lack of transparency! At least Stan was man enough to confront me face to face, man to man, and not by a cheap shot on Facebook.
It is apparent that you do not recall the private phone conversation you and I had three weeks ago when you called me looking for some dirt on Stan. Particularly any emails, correspondence of my resignation letter, and the video of the confrontation between Stan and me at that TxDOT Coordination meeting. I asked you not to go there as this county has had its fill of negativity, accusations, slanders, and just plain ugly behavior. I told you where the letter was and reluctantly informed you where to find the video because this was all of public record. I also informed you that I would be giving you and Stan a complete disc of files on the WCSRPC. For the record: You did not ask for the WCS-RPC files, I volunteered them to you and anyone else on the board that wanted a copy. I also told you that if you used this information in a negative manner that I wanted no part of this and informed you that you would have to dig elsewhere. It was at that moment you totally convinced me to support Stan as it was quite obvious that your intent was to further divide this county, especially the WCS-RPC board. I suggested that you not politicize the WCS-RPC issue as there had to be a lot of fence mending between all parties to get the WCS-RPC back on track and that this action would serve no purpose other than aggravate and further divide the board. Your actions showed a total lack of good judgment or better yet, common sense. You would have to be totally oblivious not to foresee Sandy Buller’s reaction when you called for a meeting; a meeting that was long past due and why now, especially before the primary. And don’t think that he was the first to see thru your pretense. It didn’t take a genius, better yet a walking quorum to figure this one out as you had suggested. No, it was just low hanging fruit, you delivered, and Sandy bit! And by the way, why don’t you tell the folks what you said to me during our private conversation when I told you that I was going to support Stan and the reason why. At least I will give you the common courtesy of allowing you time to figure out how you are going to spin this one. At least you won’t be a fish in a barrel like Stan was when he was so maliciously attached by Wayne Dolcefino. Birds of a feather, Trey……
You’re good at spinning words, especially the ones you don’t want people to hear, but you and I both know what was said in our conversation. And don’t worry, the other things you specifically asked me not to repeat, I will not as my word is my bond and always has been. Even though you’ve managed to destroy the relationship that I held with several CBWC board members they too know that my word is my bond. We once fought so hard on a united cause and now you have everyone throwing stones at each other. You should focus your campaign on your goals for the County rather than what you perceive as everyone else’s shortcomings. However, not many politicians are man enough for that.
I am growing tired of all this negativity and I know that there is a growing number of people in this county that are also fed up with of all this destructive behavior. The total lack of veracity and dignity towards our friends and neighbors are uncalled for and it will continue to divide this county. If we continue on this path we will soon find out that the landfill will be just one of the many unwanted things to come. You, I, and everyone else will soon find ourselves looking down the barrel of far greater discontent when we are once again “out lawyered”, outspent, and out maneuvered while we continue to cannibalize our future. The Grand Jury (now that really was a secret meeting) and other litigations are prime examples. Isn’t it interesting that the Grand Jury found no cause to prosecute our elected officials? This county does not have the money or resources to allow this charade to continue.
I hate to disappoint you and others that think Stan and I have created some grand scheme or that I have given in to “the dark side”. You know my answer, but to the others it is quite simple. In spite of our differences Stan and I have agreed that the problems of this County are far bigger than our ego’s and it was up to us to demonstrate how grown men should behave. It is apparent that you cannot understand this and had hoped to use this video as a sounding board to garner support for your campaign. I am sorry to disappoint you by not condoning such action, but you can rest assured that Stan and I will most likely continue to spar. However, despite our differences our hearts belong to the future of this county and we will always do what we feel is best whether you or anyone else agrees or disagrees. That is what leadership is all about: in the end it’s all about this County and not someone’s ego!
PS - I don’t expect you to leave this on your wall, but in the interest of transparency I suggest that you do so! Also feel free to share this with the WCS-RPC board of directors. And Lee Marshall if you are going to post this I would appreciate you not taking any of it out of context…much appreciated.
3 · Feb 2, 2014

Rosemary Frewin Gambino

Thank you I was not at this meeting and appreciate the video and copy of the letter of resignation from Don Garrett so there is no doubt what happened. Should we start a petition to have Commissioner's Court video taped and posted?I cannot make those meetings but would like to view.
3 · Jan 30, 2014