State Office of Administrative Hearings Docket No. 582-14-3597 Pintail Landfill, LLC Proposed Permit No. 2377 Hempstaed, Texas- 07.22.2014

  • UPDATE: 11:18a- CALH approved 
  • UPDATE: 11:32a- City of Hempstead approved
  • UPDATE: 11:35a- Organization for the Environmental Health of Hempstead approved
  •   The hearing concluded about an hour ago. The City of Hempstead and the Organization for the Environmental Health of Hempstead were also admitted as parties. No other groups or individuals requested party status. I would assume that most of the adjacent landowners are comfortable with being represented by CALH's attorneys. Jessica McGee, Chief of Staff for Rep Bell, was present. Commissioner Amsler and Barnett was also present. Commissioner Amsler addressed the crowd and gave a very good speech. Other individuals present included GreenGroup President Ernest Kaufman and Mayor Scott from Brookshire.

    The Admin Judge at the conclusion of the hearing advised that a second preliminary hearing will be held on Thursday, Sept 4, 2014 at Hempstead High School at 10 am. I hope we have just as many if not more people show up that day!!!

    God Bless Waller County!



THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. We are at another very important juncture in the local effort to stop the Pintail Landfill from coming into our community.

On November 10, 2011, over 600 residents of Waller County came to the Hempstead High School Auditorium for a public meeting before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to voice their opinions in opposition to the landfill. On November 15, 2012, in the same location, a similar number of residents again attended a public meeting before the TCEQ to stand up with other residents in opposition to the landfill.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves facing another important meeting, this time before a judge from the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) and this meeting is at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday July 22nd, 2014. This is a preliminary hearing for the Contested Case Hearing (CCH) in relation to the Pintail's application for a permit to the TCEQ. Attendance at this meeting is every bit as important as other meetings we have had, if not more so.



The solidarity of this entire community is part of what has brought us to this point in fighting this Landfill. Over 4,000 comments have been filed with the TCEQ in opposition to the landfill and 1,300 requests for a contest case hearing were sent to the TCEQ. Both numbers are records for the state of Texas. If you have to take a day off of work to make it, then please do so. It is THAT important.

If you need to call on friends or relatives to accompany you to the hearing, please do so. If you filed a letter asking for a contested case hearing, this is your opportunity to stand up and be counted, so that the SOAH can put a face to the name, as you sign in as an attendee.

There is strength in numbers. It's up to us to make a difference!!! NONE OF US AS STRONG AS ALL OF US!!

Lastly, for those that attend, please remember that this is a legal proceeding, no different than a trial setting in court. It is not a public hearing. All attendees must maintain a civil demeanor at all times. Outbursts, etc will no more be tolerated than if you were sitting in district court during a trial. It is important that decorum be maintained throughout the proceeding, for the sake of our county.
Here is the agenda for this Wednesday's Commissioner Court meeting:

I guess it comes as a surprise to no one that the proposed resolution to object to Pintail's Motion to Transfer Venue (which will be heard by the Court on Monday, July 28, 2014) which was TABLED last week, is no where to be found on this agenda... Go figure. This Commissioners Court meeting was the last opportunity for them to consider and choose to do the right thing by objecting to Pintail's motion, and it appears that they have chosen to do nothing.

Sheriff Smutty Smith is not giving you all of the information you need to fight crime in Waller County.

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Hello Jim Russ,  36A is NOT happening.  We don't need urban sprawl on our farm and ranch zone. Keep your feral hogs in Harris County.

The citizens of Waller County need to realize that there is an organized, concerted, behind the scenes campaign led by the Pokluda, Kitzman cartel and followers asking voters to VOTE DEMOCRAT (What?) for Sylvia Cedillo for county judge.

  • Teri Coleman Kitzman,Pokluda,and,Beckendorff, should be ashamed of themselves, for what they are doing to this county and their neighbors. Seems to never end. I thought we were rid of them after the election.
  • Rosemary Frewin Gambino The citizens of Waller County need to realize that there is an organized, concerted, behind the scenes campaign led by the Pokluda, Kitzman cartel and followers asking voters to VOTE DEMOCRAT (What?) for Sylvia Cedillo for county judge. In this day and time we DO NOT NEED TO DIVIDE and vote Democrat. Furthermore Cedillo would not even salute the Texas flag in Commissioners Court she is so far to the left. She also was in the hotel room with Pintail as a Commissioner...among other things. Please address this with your friends and neighbors so this does not gather momentum.
  • Lorraine Martin Fine Art Bravo indeed Trey! Thank you!

Oliver and Stan Kitzman sat in their Dodge pickup with the heater running while this petite 8 year girl and her mother stood out in the freezing rain with a homemade sign to inform voters of the facts. It is believed this little girl and her mother had a major influence on the voters in Waller County!
The story about Pokluda and his cronies supporting Sylvia Cedillo is true.  In his pitch to Republicans, Pokluda is claiming that Trey Duhon lied to him, but will not explain to the other party what he lied to him about. 
Trey Duhon is NOT a liar. I have asked him some very tough questions and I find him to be truthful and sincere. Duhon is simply a more qualified candidate for county judge.